Being In The Desert

Do you sometimes feel lost and alone, forgotten, destitute, not knowing which way to go?  As you go through the struggles and stresses of life, does it seem as if no one cares?  Have you ever felt like you’re in the middle of the desert?

Believe it or not, being in the desert is not always a bad thing.

1.  Moses met God in the “backside” of the desert.  Ex. 3:1

2.  Jesus often went to a desert place on purpose.  Mt. 14:13

* Those that followed Jesus into the desert were miraculously healed.

* Those that followed Jesus into the desert were miraculously fed.

3.  Jesus told His disciples to go to a desert place to find rest.  Mk. 6:31

4.  The desert place is a good place to find Jesus.  Lk. 4:42

5.  God provided and did some great miracles for His people in the desert.  Jn. 6:31

6.  God may send you into a desert so that you can win someone to the Lord there, even if it is just one person.  At. 8:26

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself about being in the desert, look for God there, seek out Jesus, find rest for your soul, expect God to do a miracle there, and look for someone else that needs to find Jesus there, too.

Instead of focusing on the desert, look for the oasis.