Prayer Letter March 2024

Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil!

I want to begin by saying, “THANK YOU” to those of you that partner with us in prayer and financial support. I know that we convey this sentiment in every prayer letter, but we want you to know that we don’t take you for granted. We appreciate so much your faithfulness to the Lord, and to us, in “holding the ropes” for us all these years.

On March 9th, there was a Ladies Cookout at a member’s house of the church in Arujá. The purpose of this was for the Deaf to invite their deaf (and hearing) friends. There was a delicious Brazilian cookout, and Becky explained the Gospel to the women that attended. In all, there were 28 in attendance, and 7 first-time visitors. The Seed was planted, but no one responded to the Gospel that evening. Pray that these visitors would come to church to learn more of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Deaf church in Arujá is a daughter-church of the Deaf church in São Paulo. Most of the members there have been saved for a short period of time, and it’s wonderful to see the hunger for the Word of God. Dan is teaching from the book, Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ in Sunday School and going through the Book of First John in the morning service.

Please pray for us during the month of April as we are planning a Men’s Cookout, Friend Day, and even a baptismal service on April 28. We will also begin teaching a basic Brazilian Sign Language course in a church about an hour from our home that will last about 6 weeks. We are praying that God will use this to raise up workers, especially men, and pastors, among the deaf. At this moment, we are praying for AT LEAST two men/families to come and pick up the mantle of the leadership of these two deaf churches – that the Gospel Light would continue to shine to Deaf that are lost in the darkness, and in the silence. Thank you for helping us pray!

That all may “hear,”

Dan & Becky Bennett

Prayer Letter – December 2023

  December 21, 2023

Merry Christmas from São Paulo, Brazil!

We want to express our sincere gratitude for the cards and special Christmas offerings that we have received from so many of our supporting churches. Your generosity has been overwhelming, and we don’t take those expressions of love for granted. Many of you have been “holding the ropes” for us prayerfully and financially for many years, and we thank the Lord that we have had such a strong team, and some for more than twenty-five years.

Some of you may have heard the news of the recent Home-going of Becky’s father, Pastor Ken Walters, on October 21st. He pastored our home church for more than 43 years, and resigned as pastor in January 2022 so that he could travel and preach more. He had just celebrated his 80th birthday only two weeks prior with a big party that was well attended by family and friends. He faithfully served the Lord for many years, and he influenced and encouraged missionaries and pastors around the globe. He was a man of God and is already greatly missed.

Last month, Dan had the privilege to baptize a deaf couple that trusted Christ as Savior. Gilson and Marileide were invited to church by Amilton, one of our deaf men that unexpectedly passed away last year. This deaf couple has been faithful and were so excited to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Gilson had a huge smile on his face, and Marileide shed tears of joy after they were baptized.

Thank you for allowing us to represent you in the city of São Paulo. May God richly bless you all this Christmas season as we celebrate, worship and adore our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                That all may “hear,”

                                                                                                Dan & Becky Bennett

Prayer Letter – October 2023

October 12, 2023

Dear faithful partners in the ministry,

Springtime in São Paulo has brought some warm temperatures and early summer showers. The flowers are starting to open as we see God’s creation in full bloom.

As we look back over the past few months, we praise the Lord for the opportunities to serve our gracious Lord. Last month, the pastor of the hearing church where the deaf church meets asked Dan to preach on Sunday evening. There was a good crowd, and the people listened intently as Dan shared about the need for more laborers among the Deaf. At the invitation, two men responded and talked with Dan and asked how they can help. One man said that he would be willing to preach once a month, while the other man, with tears in his eyes, said that he and his wife would pray about this “open door” of opportunity. Please pray that God would send more laborers among the Deaf in São Paulo, and Brazil.

Recently, a fellow missionary and friend, Joel Dunbar and family, returned from furlough, so he asked Dan to go and preach for him as they are trying to adjust to coming back to Brazil. As “older” missionaries, we count it an honor to be able to help and encourage younger missionaries in the Lord’s work. This family has two sons, and we enjoy spending time and talking with the MK’s to try and encourage them.

Our missionary colleague and family, Jon and Hannah Speights, left the first week of October for their furlough. Jon started a “daughter church” from the Deaf church in São Paulo five years ago. The Lord has blessed the work in the city of Arujá with several young families. Furlough replacement for a Deaf church is almost unheard of, but missionaries to the Deaf need to take furloughs, too. The church in Arujá is a little over an hour from where we live, so we are going to be busy going back and forth.

Many of you have been supporting us for a number of years. Thank you for being faithful to pray and give toward the work among the Deaf in Brazil.

That all may “hear,”

Dan & Becky Bennett

Prayer Letter – June 2023

Dear faithful partners in the ministry,

During the last week of March, we had our annual BIMI South America Field Conference. This is a special time as the missionaries get together for a time of fun, fellowship, and spiritual refreshment. Our guest speaker was Pastor Scott Crabtree from LifeSigns Deaf Baptist Church in New Albany, Ohio. Brother Crabtree’s wife, Tricia, spoke to the ladies, and this couple was a special blessing and encouragement to us all. We are honored to be part of a great group of missionaries that serve the Lord with BIMI in South America.

On April 19th, Dan was asked by a deaf lady to go and witness to her aunt that was dying with throat cancer. When Dan arrived, the lady was barely awake, so he quickly began to share the Gospel with her. Within minutes, the lady had closed her eyes, but Dan was not sure if she had gone to sleep, or not. Dan went through the whole Gospel presentation with two other family members standing nearby. This is a strong Catholic family, and many of the things Dan explained had never been heard by them before. Although no one made a profession of faith, the Gospel Seed was planted. Early the next morning, the lady with cancer passed away.

On April 22nd, Dan was asked by a Christian deaf lady to make a visit about two hours away with her mother that practices spiritism. This woman is in her 90’s, and all through her house are idols and statues of various “saints.” She was a nice lady, and happily showed us around as we talked. We finally went into the house to sit and talk. She listened to some of the things Dan said but was easily distracted by other things. After about 45 minutes of talking about Jesus being the only way of salvation, she abruptly said, “Enough!” She didn’t want to hear any more, so Dan paused the conversation. After a while, lunch was served, and the deaf lady urged Dan to start the conversation again. For another thirty minutes Dan went over the Gospel message, but this lady’s heart is very hard. She thanked us for going, and even invited us back again. Please pray for the salvation of Mrs. Tica, that the Holy Spirit would soften her heart to the Gospel, and that she would trust Jesus as her personal Savior before it’s too late.

We are thankful for some recent visitors we’ve had in church. One deaf lady had been having family problems and was living on the streets. She went missing, and one of our faithful deaf church members reached out to try and help this homeless woman. The missing woman was found, and was in church the following Sunday, along with two of her friends. Please pray for the salvation of Rosemeire (Rosemary).

Dan returned to the USA for the high school graduation of our son, Matthew. He is now in Kentucky working at the Creation Museum with two of his sisters. Please pray for him as he adjusts to these changes in his life.

Finally, thank you for being faithful to pray and give toward the work among the Deaf in Brazil.

                                                                                                                        That all may “hear,”                                                                                                                         Dan & Becky Bennett

February 2023 Prayer Letter

Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil!

“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” (1Cor. 16:9)

Just as the Apostle Paul penned the above words to the church in Corinth, sometimes we feel that we could write the same thing. The Lord has been opening several doors of opportunity that have the potential to open more doors of ministry.

Teaching Brazilian Sign Language in Osasco

On February 4th, Dan started teaching a sign language class in the city of Osasco. This is a city where we lived and ministered during our second term. Dan met the pastor of this church last year, and the invitation was given to teach a small group of people that want to reach the Deaf in their area. It’s a fun group, and they enjoy learning the Brazilian Sign Language.

Dan also visited another church nearby our house in the neighborhood called Guacuri. He had a good talk with the pastor, and the pastor is very interested in having us to go to his church and teach the Sign Language.

On Sunday evening, February 26th, Dan was also asked to preach in the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. (This is a neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, not in Indiana.) This church has been a vital part in our church in that they allow us to meet in their building since we don’t own property or a building. Our church has been with them since the year 2,000.  There may be another door of opportunity opening in this church to teach Sign Language here, as well.

Dan preaching at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple

Although our church is still small, we have seen some slow numerical growth, as well as spiritual growth. Working with the Deaf is not a “sprint,” but a “marathon.” As the Lord opens doors of ministry, the adversary also takes notice, and so we must always stay “on guard.”

When Dan returned to Brazil after the wedding, Becky planned to stay for two more weeks. However, Becky’s mother had some serious health problems, and so Becky stayed to assist her mom. Becky’s mom, Mrs. Chris Walters, has made some slight improvements, but she is not back to “normal” yet, so Becky is still in South Carolina at the moment. Although many tests have been done, the doctors have not found the cause of her constant headaches. Please keep my mother-in-law in your prayers.

Finally, thank you for being faithful to pray and give toward the work among the Deaf in Brazil.

 That all may “hear,”

Dan & Becky Bennett

Prayer Letter – August 2022

Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil!

Over the past few months, we have been staying busy in the work here. As I mentioned in our last prayer letter, our family went to the Deaflympics 2022 in the city of Caxias do Sul. Silent Word Ministries out of Trenton, GA purchased and provided us with thousands of tracts to take and distribute. We were able to hand out many Gospel tracts, talk with a good number of people, and several deaf people made professions of faith.

On May 30, Amilton, one of our faithful deaf men, died unexpectedly at the age of fifty-one. He had just celebrated his fifteenth “spiritual birthday” the day before. Back in November of 2021, Amilton invited a deaf couple to church named Gilson and Marileide. This couple had visited numerous other churches, but when they visited our church, the Gospel was clearly presented to them, and they trusted Christ as their Savior. We praise God that Amilton invited these people to church before he went to Heaven. One person can make a difference!

We have been invited to go to a church two hours northwest of us next month in the city of Boituva. Dan will be preaching, and we will be presenting our ministry among the deaf. The pastor seems to be interested in starting a deaf ministry in the church, so we are excited about this opportunity.

September 25th has been designated as “Blue Sunday.” This is a special day in Brazil that celebrates and brings awareness to the deaf and their culture. Each year, we invite Deaf from all over São Paulo to our church, and Dan will preach a simple, evangelistic message, followed by a small party to show our love for the Deaf. Please pray for Deaf to be saved on this special day.

Our two remaining children at home are doing well. Matthew began his senior year of high school, and Chrissy started seventh grade. Becky not only stays busy with our own children, but also with the children at church. She is often requested to attend doctor’s appointments to interpret for our deaf ladies, and that can take up several hours in a day as we trek all around São Paulo. Thank you for praying for our family!

One important prayer request we have is that God would send us someone to come and work with us. We would love to have a Brazilian man to come and eventually take over as pastor. Dan has begun to work with one of our men who has preached a couple of times, but he hasn’t had any “formal” Bible training. Dan plans to spend more time training this man, but someone to work alongside of us with experience would be a huge blessing.

Also, please pray for our colleagues, Jon and Hannah Speights. They have two children with some serious health issues, but it seems as if numerous medical exams have been unable to find the root causes. Your prayers for this family would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, THANK YOU for allowing us to represent you as we labor among the Deaf in São Paulo. We are extremely grateful for your prayer and financial support.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     That all may “hear,”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dan & Becky Bennett

April 2022 Prayer Letter

April 28, 2022

Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil.

It’s an honor to serve the Lord Jesus Christ!  Next month will mark our 23rd year of being in Brazil. God has been so good to us, and we praise Him for His faithfulness to us.

The last week of March was our annual BIMI Field Conference. Since our Brazil Field Director, Sean Lunday, took over being the Director over all South America, our Field Conference was attended by nearly eighty people from five different countries (six, if you include the USA). As always, it was a blessed time of fellowship, wonderful preaching, fun activities, good Brazilian food, lots of laughter, and spiritual refreshing. We met some new friends and got reacquainted with old friends. It was great to get our spiritual “batteries” recharged to continue the work of the ministry.

Samuel, a deaf man that visited our church back in October of 2021, has been coming off and on for the past few months.  He told Dan that he didn’t own a Bible, so Dan was able to give him a Bible that was paid for by a church in the USA through the ministry of BEAMS. Dan encouraged Samuel to read the Gospel of John three times, and he said that he would.  On April 17th, Samuel was back in church, and after a visual, Easter/Gospel message, Samuel placed his faith in Jesus as his Savior. Hallelujah!

A few weeks back, Becky was contacted by Danielle, a lady in Pompéia, a city about six hours northwest of São Paulo. We had met this family several years ago through some mutual friends, so they knew that we worked with the Deaf. A couple weeks ago, they contacted a man to do some work, and when he came to their house, he brought his deaf cousin to help. The deaf man, Gabriel, doesn’t know sign language, and Danielle’s family became burdened for Gabriel.  Danielle then got in touch with Becky, and after several conversations Becky agreed to teach this family Brazilian sign language (LIBRAS).  They had their first class on April 19th via Zoom, so please pray that Gabriel could be reached with the Gospel by this family as they learn sign language, and then teach him.

The Deaflympics (Deaf Olympics) will be held in Brazil on May 1st through May 15th. We just found out about this a short time ago but dismissed the idea of making the trip since we didn’t know of anyone else going among our missionaries. However, we felt the Lord leading us to go and be a part of reaching Deaf from around the world with the Gospel.

Dan sent a voice message to his brother, David Bennett, to ask him for advice about going to the Deaflympics. David has organized a couple of groups that went to two previous Deaflympics in other parts of the world, so we knew that he would be able to help. To make a long story short, David was able to get a big, plastic tote on a plane the following day, full of tracts, DVDs, and Gospel literature in several languages. David’s daughter and son-in-law, Brian and Christa Pate, are missionaries in Brazil, and they were leaving the very next day to return to Brazil after their furlough. Dan picked them up at the airport the next day, and also sixty-five pounds of Gospel “Seed” to be scattered around the Deaf world.

Please pray for us as we meet deaf people from around the world, and as we put the Good News of Salvation into their hands. The Gospel could go to Communist, Socialist, and Islamic countries. Only God knows how far the outreach will go. Pray that we would be Spirit filled, and that God would give us wisdom as we share the Gospel with those to whom we can minister. We can communicate in English and ASL (American Sign Language), as well as in Portuguese and LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language). Pray for us as we take the Seed of the Word to the Deaf of the world, that Jesus Christ would be magnified, and that souls would be saved. He promised that His Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11), so let us pray for a bountiful harvest of souls for the glory of God.

Thank you for having such an important part in the ministry among the Deaf here in Brazil!

May the Lord continue to bless you there in your community as you faithfully serve Him.

                                                                                    That all may “hear,”

                                                                                    Dan & Becky Bennett

January 2022 Prayer Letter

Dear Fellow Laborers,

Since our last prayer letter, we have seen five people make professions of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There have been three deaf adults saved, and two hearing CODA’s (Children Of Deaf Adult). We praise God for the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of these people as they have been coming and learning the way of salvation.

On a not-so-joyful note, our youngest daughter’s Brazilian document (RNE) expired while we were on furlough. When she returned to Brazil in September, she returned with a tourist visa, giving her 90 days to renew her permanent visa. We tried to renew her visa, but were unsuccessful in scheduling a visit with the Federal Police. On December 22, Becky returned to the USA with our two children as that was the 90th day of Christine’s tourist visa. We have been keeping our eyes open for available dates and times to schedule an appointment, but each time we look, it says that there are no dates available and to check back later. If you would, please pray with us that we would be able to renew Chrissy’s Brazilian document as soon as possible.

On the same note, Becky’s Brazilian document will expire in March, but because of all the “red tape” that we have been going through with Chrissy’s document, it would be somewhat miraculous if we could renew Becky’s document before it expires. The problem is that, when these documents expire, that person is required to leave the country, even if it’s only for enough time to get the passport stamped. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we attempt to renew Becky’s and Chrissy’s Brazilian documents.

On January 2nd, my pastor/father-in-law retired from the pastorate of our home church. Although I was not required to go back for the retirement celebration on January 9th, I thought it fitting to return to honor Dr. Kenneth and Christine Walters, my pastor and his wife, giving honor to whom honor is due. My mother-in-law has also been faithfully serving in the deaf ministry all these years. It was good to be there and honor this faithful couple and servants of our Lord. My father-in-law is now lining up meetings, mission’s conferences and Bible conferences as he seeks to be a help to pastors and missionaries in the work.

Our home church, Southside Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC, has called our former youth pastor to become the senior pastor. Pr. Tyler Donough has done an outstanding job with the youth over the past eleven years, and we feel confident that he will be a good fit as pastor of our sending church.

We would appreciate your prayers as we navigate through the turbulent waters of COVID, and in trying to encourage people to not be afraid to return to church. We are praying for revival in 2022, so please join with us in prayer for the Bible Baptist Church of the Deaf in São Paulo.

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving and praying for us.

                                                                                                         That all may “hear,”

                                                                                                         Dan & Becky Bennett

April 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear ministry partners and prayer warriors,

The days in which we are living are like none that we have experienced before. A global pandemic has affected us all in ways no one could have imagined. However, through it all, God was not surprised, and He has never been out of control.

While our schedule was slow in the Fall of 2020, our Spring schedule has picked up quite a bit. We don’t have any Sunday meetings available, and we only have a few Wednesday night dates open before we head back to Brazil in August. We have been blessed to be able to visit some of our supporting churches, and we have also been able to visit a few new churches.

Covid has hit some of our fellow missionaries. One of our BIMI missionaries that contracted Covid passed away, due to pneumonia and complications that affected his lungs. Brother Larry Barrett and his dear wife, Lydabelle, have been missionaries in Brazil for nearly 45 years. Brother Larry went Home to be with the Lord on January 26, 2021. Please remember Sister Lydabelle in your prayers.

It was in June and July of 2019 that Becky and I held a basic sign language course in the church that Brother Larry started many years ago. Almost the entire church signed up for the course, and at the end of the six-week course, we handed out 98 certificates of completion. Stephen Barrett, one of Brother Larry’s grandsons, had a great desire to continue learning the Brazilian sign language even after the course ended. About a month ago, Stephen wrote to me and said that God had been working in his life and had called him into full-time ministry. Stephen went on to say that he feels God is calling him to work with the deaf! After he raises his needed support, he plans to return to Brazil and begin a new church for the deaf in the city of Jundiaí. Besides the call of God in Stephen’s life, he told me that we, Becky and I, played a big role in his decision. Praise the Lord! Please pray for Stephen Barrett (25 years of age, single) as he goes to Candidate School on June 6-11 at BIMI. We have been praying for a long time that God would raise up more laborers with the deaf. We praise the Lord for the burden that God has placed on Stephen’s heart for the deaf in Brazil!

Lord willing, we will return to Brazil in August/September for our fifth term of missionary service. We could not do it without the love, prayers, and support of God’s people. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving to the ministry of the Lord in Brazil!

That all may “hear,”

Dan & Becky Bennett

Prayer Letter September 2020

Dear faithful ministry partners,

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;   Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.  (Matthew 9:37,38) This is our prayer, our theme, our motivation this furlough as we long to see God stir up people and call them to the ministry of seeing deaf people saved! Oh, how we need laborers among the deaf in Brazil!

Since our last prayer letter, it seems as if little has changed, and at the same time, much has changed.  Isn’t it interesting to see how God works even through what seems to be “tribulations?” The coronavirus has thrown everything out of order and shut everything down. Plans were changed, flights cancelled, borders closed, stay-at-home orders given, businesses shut down. “Order” has been turned into “chaos”, or, so it seems.  And, yet, we know that God never changes! Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” While the virus certainly changed our plans, and seemed to turn our lives upside down, we take great comfort in in the fact that, God, who is All-Knowing, was NOT taken by surprise! He still accomplishes His will through us if we are willing vessels. As of March of this year, 12 deaf people have been saved through video conference calls in spite of the COVID -19 shutdown!! My friends, God’s plans were not hindered. His plans were not cancelled! He is still God. He still works and He still saves! He will not be deterred! We hope this encourages you to remember that God is still in control and knows exactly what is happening.

After having been shut down for four and a half months, we returned to have our last church service in person before our furlough.  However, after just two Sundays, the mayor of São Paulo closed the churches once more as the Covid-19 cases rose again.  On September 6, our church opened again, but only two people were present as the media has caused great fear among the Brazilian people. Please pray for these Christians, that God would give them courage to be faithful and to not be afraid.

We thank God for our colleagues, Michael and Ruth Douglas, who are doing a great job in our absence.  God is using them, and they have personally won several of the 12 people to Christ.

As I mentioned in our last prayer letter, we have come to the end of our fourth term in Brazil.  We are now in the United States for our furlough. If you are interested in having us to stop in and give a report of the work and ministry among the Deaf in Brazil, please contact me as soon as possible.  My stateside phone number is (803)448-2127.  I have many open dates in 2021, so, if you could use us, please let us know.

Again, thank you for faithfully standing with us financially, and kneeling for us prayerfully.


That all may “hear,”


Dan and Becky Bennett