Greetings from PA

I am (along with Joseph & Nathan) at the Bible Baptist Church in New Bloomfield, PA for their Missions Conference Wednesday through Sunday. We left Rock Hill, SC last Friday (4/16) toward one of our supporting churches in Penndel, PA. On the way, we stopped and spent the night at another one of our supporting churches in Clinton, MD. On Saturday we arrived at the Grace Independent Baptist Church in Penndel, PA, where we again met Pr. Danny Vanhoose. We had not seen him since our last furlough in 2003. We chatted with him for a while before setting up our display and preparing the DVD player and projector for Sunday’s service. We then went to our hotel for the night. The next morning we had a good time in Sunday School and church there, giving a report of our ministry and preaching. After the service, the pastor took us out to the Old Country Buffet before we left to go to another church for the evening service.
We arrived at the Liberty Baptist Church in Ephrata, PA around 5:15pm, met the pastor, and he showed us to the prophet’s chamber. On the way, I saw their map of the world and the missionaries they support. I was surprised to see a prayer card of our colleagues, Garry and Pam Tyler. When I made a connection with the Tylers, the pastor asked me to preach, besides setting up our display and showing our DVD. We had another good service, and the people there were very gracious.
As I mentioned at the beginning, we are at the Bible Baptist Church in New Bloomfield, PA for their Missions Conference Wednesday through Sunday. We arrived on Monday since New Bloomfield and Ephrata are only about an hour and a half apart. On Monday afternoon we were taught and allowed to ride a four-wheeler for the first time. On Tuesday we were taken to a shooting range for a little target practice. Target Practice We have enjoyed our time here as the folks here are so generous to us every time we are here. Pray for me as I will be preaching tonight (Thursday, 4/22), showing our DVD on Friday, and then preaching again on Sunday in the morning service. We will be leaving and returning to Rock Hill on Monday, April 26.
Becky’s down to 15 days before the baby is due. Pray for her as the pregnancy winds down, and that all would go well during her C-section, scheduled for May 7. Thanks for your prayers. God bless!