January 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear praying friends and financial partners,

“O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.” Psalm 34:3

We want to express to all of you our deep appreciation for the Christmas cards and special offerings that were given on our behalf. You helped and encouraged us in a special way, and we’re also very thankful for the extra Christmas love offering that was given to us.

Back in November on Thanksgiving night, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the church with our annual Prophecy Conference. The first night there were 30 people in attendance as Dan preached about the Rapture of the Church. On Friday night, there were 29 people as we saw and heard a message on the Judgment Seat of Christ. On Saturday night, there were 53 people for the preaching on the Tribulation. Sunday was a great day as the place was packed with 87 people showing up, with several first-time visitors. Denize, a deaf lady that came on Saturday, was back on Sunday. Pr. Rinaldo, the former pastor, preached a message on the Second Coming of Christ, and at the invitation, Denize got up from her seat and went out to talk with Becky. I saw Denize a little while later hugging another one of our ladies, and with a huge smile on her face she told me that she had been saved. I asked her some questions to try and make sure she understood, and it seems as though she truly did get saved. Afterwards we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Igreja Batista da Bíblia (Bible Baptist Church), with good food, fellowship, and a beautiful and delicious cake made by one of faithful men.

On December 21, Dan baptized three young people (two of our own children, and a deaf Brazilian girl). Also, one lady received assurance of her salvation. We had one first-time visitor, and a few second and third-time visitors. One man who came, began asking questions about salvation. Please pray for Mário, the husband of Denize, that the Holy Spirit would continue working in his heart, and open his understanding of the Gospel. Since Denize made a profession of faith a few weeks back, she really wants her husband to get saved, too. Thanks for your prayers regarding the salvation of Mário.

We ended the year with a good time at Deaf Camp from December 29 through January 1. Although we had a small number, the Lord blessed as we ended the year being spiritually challenged from the Word of God.

We were blessed to have our four oldest children here in Brazil for Christmas and through New Year’s. The hardest part of being a foreign missionary is being so far away from family members, but we know that we are where God wants us, and His grace is sufficient.

Thanks to all that have a part and an interest in our ministry here in Brazil. To GOD be the glory, great things HE hath done!