A Different Perspective on the Importance of Prayer

The devil does not want you to pray. The enemy doesn’t like it when he sees the Christian reading his Bible, but he absolutely hates it when he sees the Christian on his knees in prayer. Why? Let me give you one explanation that you may not of thought of before.

When the committed Christian opens his Bible, he is acknowledging that he needs God and wants to hear from God. God can and will speak to the Believer through His Word. God can touch, change, and work in the heart of the one that will take the time to earnestly seek God’s face.

However, when the Christian gets on his knees in prayer, he is still acknowledging that he needs God, but there’s more to it than that. By bending his knees before God, he is also showing that he needs God’s help, and he needs God’s hand, not only for him, but for everyone for whom he prays.

Quite simply, when you read your Bible, God can touch YOUR heart and life and soul. When you pray, God can touch the heart, life, and soul of many people around the world whose names you lift up to God in prayer.

Do you have a prayer list with the names of people for whom you pray, either on paper or on an electronic device? Are you faithfully praying for them?

How many people will God touch today because you stopped to pray?
Will there be many, or will there be any?
Ask God to “reach out and touch someone” today.