Recent Humorous Anecdotes

I found it humorous that, while walking through the Philadelphia airport yesterday, I was alerted by a loud “beeping” sound as a golfcart-type airport terminal vehicle approached from behind. I stepped to the side to get out of the way, thinking that an airport employee was shuttling a handicapped passenger to his/her departure gate. As it slowly passed me, I noticed that it was an airport police vehicle. There was a female police officer driving the extended airport patrol golfcart, and a male police officer was on the passenger side. Shortly after they passed me, the vehicle slowed down, then stopped, as the male police officer got out of the cart, only to stand in the line at Dunkin Donuts.


After a 3 & 1/2 hour delay in Philadelphia while waiting for the windshield to be replaced on the airplane I was to fly on, the passengers were finally able to board the plane. Due to other minor things, we waited another half-hour as the plane was refueled, and for the air traffic control tower to give us clearance to takeoff. On board was a “balloon lady” that went up and down the aisle making animal balloons for the children. One tall young black man said that he wanted one, too. She asked him if he wanted something special, and when he said that he did, she blew up a brown balloon, and then made a few twists and turns of the balloon. It was not evident as to what she made until she reached up and placed the balloon up and over his head, and then lowered it to cover his mouth. She then said, “You asked for something special, so here it is,” just as she reached up and gave him a great big kiss on his balloon lips.