The Home-Going of a Precious Lady

Before I say anything about my grandmother-in-law, I would first like to begin by talking about her Savior, because I believe that she would want me to do that. We have a PRECIOUS Savior! I would like for you to think with me about the words to the following song.

Words & Music by Charles H. Gabriel

So precious is Jesus, my Savior, my King;
His praise all the day long with rapture I sing.
To Him in my weakness for strength I can cling,
For He is so precious to me.

For He is so precious, so precious to me;
For He is so precious, so precious to me.
’Tis heaven below, my Redeemer to know,
For He is so precious to me.

He stood at my heart’s door ’mid sunshine and rain,
And patiently waited an entrance to gain.
What shame that so long He entreated in vain,
For He is so precious to me.


I stand on the mountain of blessing at last,
No cloud in the heavens a shadow to cast,
His smile is upon me; the valley is past,
For He is so precious to me.


I praise Him because He appointed a place
Where some day, through faith in His wonderful grace,
I know I shall see Him, shall look on His face,
For He is so precious to me.


Here is another song that tells of the PRECIOUS name of Jesus.

Words and Music by Lydia O. Baxter, 1870

Take the Name of Jesus with you,
Child of sorrow and of woe,
It will joy and comfort give you;
Take it then, where’er you go.

Precious Name, oh, how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heav’n;
Precious Name, oh, how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heav’n.


Take the Name of Jesus ever,
As a shield from every snare;
If temptations round you gather,
Breathe that holy Name in prayer.


Oh, the precious Name of Jesus!
How it thrills our souls with joy,
When His loving arms receive us,
And His songs our tongues employ!


At the Name of Jesus bowing,
Falling prostrate at His feet,
King of kings in heav’n we’ll crown Him,
When our journey is complete.

I love those two songs that remind us that Jesus is PRECIOUS! His name is precious. The Bible tells us that the blood of Jesus Christ is precious. (1 Peter 1:19 – But with the precious blood of Christ…)

The Bible also tells us in 1 Peter 2:7, “Unto you therefore which believe he is precious.” Those of us that believe in Jesus Christ as Savior, He IS precious to us. Jesus was precious to “Grandma.”

But now I want to change my focus a little to something else in the Scriptures that is said to be “precious”. The Bible says in Psalm 116:15, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”

It’s interesting to note that the same word is used of Jesus, His blood, and the death of His saints. We can understand that Jesus and His blood are precious, even essential, to our salvation, but how is the death of a Christian precious in the sight of the LORD?

Let me try to explain it by using a simple illustration from the airport. We have been to airports and many times have seen it when one person is about to enter the line that reads “EMBARKING”. There is a circle of friends and loved ones around the person that will soon be departing. They are hugging, crying, and kissing the soon departing loved one. It is truly a sad time as they say their goodbyes.

However, at another location, perhaps half-way around the world is someone else anxiously awaiting the arrival of the aforementioned person getting ready to embark on his trip to a new and different place. The people in this place are excited about the arrival of the traveler. Everything has been prepared. They can’t wait for the long-awaited loved one to arrive as they count down the days, then the hours, and then the minutes. This excited waiting party is at the airport early with flowers in hand, checking the flight status on the computer monitor in the terminal. They eagerly watch out through the window, wondering if THAT’S the plane he is on, wanting to see when the plane lands, and then whispering a prayer of gratitude when the plane has safely landed. Then, as excited children on Christmas morning, the arrival party practically runs to the “DISEMBARKING” area to be the first to get a glimpse of the one arriving.

But wait: the traveler left a group of sobbing loved ones just a short time ago. It was a tough trip, both emotionally and physically. Now he is anxious to see the arrival party at the airport. It was a long, tiring journey, and the traveler is ready for the journey to end, and to finally get home.

As our weary traveler nears the end of his journey, he sees HIM. The ONE who loves the traveler with an everlasting love. The One who gave His life for the traveler. The One who had prepared a place for the traveler. Everything is ready for the traveler to arrive. As the eyes of the weary traveler makes visual contact with the One waiting, he sees Him running toward him with tears of joy streaming down His face. As the two embrace, the tired traveler hears, “Welcome Home, My child.” The journey has ended.

As we return to think of the departure of our dear mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, and great grandmother, we can rest assured that her arrival on the other Shore was a grand reunion with her Savior. As we on THIS side weep over the departure of our beloved one, there was joy on the OTHER side upon her arrival. The LORD was there to take her in His loving arms, and not only did He say to her, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” but He also said, “Welcome Home, My precious child.”

The Home-going of a precious saint of God is precious in the sight of the LORD. And since it is precious in the eyes of God, it should be precious to us as well.

“Grandma, you will be missed, but we know that you are in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, and surely it must be precious!”

That is how the death of a Christian is precious in the sight of the LORD.