August 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear faithful ministry partners,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for us as we travel around the country on furlough! We have been on the road quite a bit these past few months, with little time to slow down and catch our breath. We are thankful for the opportunities that we have had to visit in some of our supporting churches that have partnered with us for many years, and also to be able to visit some new churches.

On May 4th, we had a wonderful time in California celebrating our daughter, Anna’s, graduation from West Coast Baptist College. On August 25th, Anna will be married to a fine young man out in California by the name of Ryan Rodgers. He has a wonderful Christian testimony, a good work ethic, is a soul-winner, and is studying for the ministry. Please keep Ryan and Anna in your prayers, especially for the next few weeks, that everything would all come together nicely. Of course, Anna’s parents could use your prayers, too! We look forward to seeing how God is going to use them in the days and years ahead.

As I mentioned in our last prayer letter, our schedule is pretty full until close to Thanksgiving. We have three Missions Conferences coming up in Iowa, Louisiana, and Rhode Island. We will be back in South Carolina and North Carolina for November and December.

Since our last prayer letter, we have received some sad news by our colleagues back in Brazil. Brother Jon Speights had been taking time each week to disciple the young deaf man that had shown an interest in becoming a pastor. Unfortunately, a deaf lady that made a profession of faith a few months ago has managed to lure the young man away from church with her enticing ways, and now neither one of them is going to our church. Please pray that God would get a hold of their hearts.

We praise the Lord that another young deaf man made a profession of faith on Saturday, July 30th. Rafael has visited the church on several occasions, but it was at a birthday party that Pastor Jon was able to lead Rafael to the Lord. That is a huge answer to prayer, and we rejoice in his salvation!

We are still planning to return to Brazil, either the end of December, or the first part of January. Within the next few weeks, we will be searching for some good ticket prices. There are still many miles for us to travel before our furlough is over, so we covet your continued prayers for us.

While it is not possible to visit each one of our supporting churches during this furlough, we would be glad to send you a DVD of our ministry report. Please let us know if you would like to have one. We appreciate each one of you that has a part in our ministry.

Your representatives to Brazil,

Dan & Becky Bennett

April 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear faithful co-laborers in the ministry,

And when they were come, and had gathered the church together, they rehearsed all that God had done with them. (Acts 14:27a) We returned to the USA for our third furlough on January 29, and we hit the ground running. We are thankful for our home church for the work they did in getting a place ready for us to stay in while we are on furlough. We were able to spend a little time in Ohio with our adult children for Joseph’s birthday in February. We then traveled down to Georgia to celebrate the 85th birthday of Dan’s dad.

We have been busy visiting supporting churches so far, and have even been able to get into some new churches and schedule some upcoming meetings. We will be traveling to Virginia the end of April, then out to California next month for Anna’s graduation from West Coast Baptist College on May 4. We will travel back to Ohio, then on to upstate New York and Connecticut before heading back to South Carolina on May 24. And this is just within the next five weeks!

Our schedule is pretty full up until close to Thanksgiving. We will not only be in South Carolina in June, but also in Georgia and Pennsylvania as we head into July. We will be back in Ohio, Georgia, and then Tennessee as July ends. In August, our daughter, Anna, will be married to a fine young man out in California by the name of Ryan Rodgers. In September, we return to Ohio for my nephew’s wedding, and then finish the month in Iowa. October will take us to Georgia (again), then to two mission conferences in Louisiana and Rhode Island. We will be back in South Carolina for November and December. With great excitement we will plan to return to Brazil, either the end of December, or the first part of January. We still have many churches to visit, and many miles to travel before our furlough is over, so we covet your prayers.

Our colleagues back in Brazil, Jon and Hannah Speights, are doing well in our absence. Jon told me that one of our deaf men lead another deaf man to the Lord and brought him to church. Jon is continuing the discipleship of Wellington, and has also begun other Bible studies with some more deaf that have a desire to study the Bible. We also just heard that Hannah and another one of our deaf ladies were able to lead another deaf lady to the Lord several days ago. We praise the Lord that, although we are not there, the work continues, people are being saved, and the deaf are growing in the Lord.

While it is not possible to visit all of our supporting churches during this furlough, we would be glad to send you a DVD of our ministry report if you would let us know that you would like to have one. We appreciate each one of you that has a part in our ministry.

Your representatives to Brazil,

Dan & Becky Bennett

Update – May 14, 2014

I am thankful for a good evangelistic Bible study I had today with two deaf, a brother and sister.  They are “low-verbal”, and their understanding is very limited, and their signs are also limited.  I have been going with a man and his wife from our church, Angelo and Maria Lúcia, but today they were not able to go with me.  The deaf brother and sister, both in their sixties, live in an apartment with a hearing sister.  I used some flashcards to show them of God’s love for them, and about the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was interesting to me to see that the man, José Luiz, had made a “heart”, with one side being white, and the other side was painted black with a permanent marker.  He said that he had made a red heart, but had misplaced it.  I used his homemade heart to show the sinfulness of their hearts, and that only Jesus could wash their hearts clean.  As I proceeded to tell the Gospel story one more time, today it seemed as if they understood.  I did not force them to say a prayer or ask them to copy my signs as I said the “sinner’s prayer,” because I am still not sure that they fully grasp the salvation message.  However, I believe they are getting close.  The sister, Vera Lúcia, always has a snack prepared, and when she went to the kitchen, José Luiz put in a DVD from Silent Word Ministries with Ronnie Rice sharing the Gospel message.  José Luiz had watched this before, because as Ronnie Rice was signing, José Luiz was copying the signs, and also responding to the questions.  It thrilled my heart to see him watching the Gospel presentation so intently.  I told the hearing sister that I would be back next Wednesday, hopefully with the other deaf couple, and continue the evangelistic Bible study.  Please remember José Luiz and Vera Lúcia in your prayers regarding their salvation.  Thank you.

October 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear faithful partners in the ministry,

With heartfelt gratitude, we want to convey to you our sincere appreciation for the part that you have in the work and ministry here in São Paulo, Brazil.  It is a tremendous honor to serve the Lord in such a needy place, and your prayers and financial support allow us to continue to work at the Igreja Batista da Bíblia (Bible Baptist Church).

Our family has experienced quite a bit of sickness over the past several weeks, and I (Dan) even had to take my wife and kids to the emergency room to try and get them some medical attention.  Becky was on antibiotics, but after the prescription was gone, she still was not at 100%.  The kids here have had cold-like symptoms for a long time, but the doctors told us that a virus is going around São Paulo.  With a city this size, that’s no small virus!

Even with sickness, Becky continues to homeschool five children.  Since we only have three children at home now, you may be wondering about the others she is helping.  Deborah (age 10) and Matthew (age 8) are doing well in school, and Christine (3 years old) likes to color and write her “letters” while the others do school.  Our recently arrived colleagues, Jon and Hannah Speights are going to language school Monday through Friday.  Their two children, Joanna and Jason, come to our house during the day to do school.  There is also a teenage boy that is coming over for Becky to help as he is doing his senior year of high school using the A Beka Academy curriculum.  Becky stays busy, but helping five kids with a good, quality education is worth it.

Our four oldest children are doing well at West Coast Baptist College, and they are having a wonderful time.  We miss them greatly, but we are thrilled that they have a desire to serve the Lord.  Please keep them in your prayers regarding their physical, spiritual, and financial needs.  Having four kids in college is costly, but we are trusting God to supply their needs as He has done in the past. Read more

Obeying God

As I began reading Genesis 22 for family devotions this morning, Matthew informed me that they had heard this story of Abraham offering Isaac, “a thousand times”. What a valuable time we had as I reminded them that when God tells us to do something, we must obey, whether we understand it or not. Because of Abraham’s obedience, God said that He was going to bless all the nations of the earth through Abraham’s seed. Because of one man’s obedience, his actions have impacted people the world over. When you think that the decisions you make will affect you alone, you never know the outcome that your actions may have on others. As I preached yesterday, I said that, “God does not require you to understand, but He does require you to obey.” Be mindful today that your actions could make a lasting – if not eternal – impact on someone nearby. While your decision to obey or disobey may not be earth-shattering, if could have an impact in your little corner of the world. Let’s copy the example of Abraham, and even though what God requires us to do may be extremely hard and doesn’t make sense, know that He has a purpose in it all, and your obedience could have eternal significance.

We are back in Brazil!

06 December 2011


Dear family and friends,

First of all, on behalf of our entire family, we would like to say a great big “THANK YOU” from the bottom of our hearts for your fervent prayers for us in regards to our “journey” to Brazil. It was truly an adventure! I will go back and reminisce a few days before our trip began on Monday.

Sunday was our last time at our home church before leaving for our third term in Brazil, so our pastor asked our family to stand in front of the pulpit after the morning service for the church people to come and tell us “good-bye.” We appreciated all the kind words, sweet remarks, hugs, kisses, and tears that were shed for us, and with us. We truly love our church! We will miss you all, and we would love to hear from you all from time to time.

On Monday morning, we had tremendous help as the Stockman’s, Bro. Donough, the Tyree’s, and Pastor & Mrs. Walters came to assist with packing and transporting our luggage to the airport. As Brother Branton Blair would say, “My, my, my,” did we have luggage! When we finished packing as much as we could, we had 22 large duffle bags as “checked luggage”, and a hodge-podge of “carry-on” luggage, complete with a stroller, car seat, and a booster seat. The internet said that our limit was 70 pounds per bag, so most of our bags were right at 69-70 lbs. However, when we got to the counter, the lady said that the limit was 50 lbs. Heather, my nephew’s wife, who helped us get our “stand-by” tickets told us that they had to honor what the internet said, and the internet said 70 lbs. for Brazil. After a mild “discussion”, she went and asked somebody, or perhaps went to the Delta website, came back and told us what we already knew, that we were indeed allowed 70 lbs. per bag. After all that was settled, we still had to pay for excessive baggage, but they were kind enough to take off $75.00 for one bag they discounted.

After we got checked in, we gathered in a circle as Russell Stockman led us in prayer. We then hugged and kissed and cried some more, and then headed toward security.

Well, we got back to our gate, and then we waited to be called to board our 12:45pm flight. That call never came since the plane was full. After we were informed of that, we continued to wait for the next available flight. The lady at the Delta counter told us that she would transfer us to the next flight, which would be at 2:15pm. In the end, she must have forgotten to do that because our names were not transferred to that flight. Read more

Prayer Request

Please pray with us that we will hear from the Brazilian Consulate today regarding Christine’s visa. We are planning on leaving for Brazil in just two weeks from today. It sure would be nice if we could all go together. If her visa does not come in before December 5, I will have to stay behind with Chrissy until it does come, while Becky takes the other four children on to Brazil. I would rather that our family not be split up like that as we leave for our third term in Brazil. I know that God is in control, but your prayers sure would be appreciated.

May 1, 2011 Update

Thank you so much for your prayers for us, and for the church situation in Brazil. I went to Brazil in March, and the Lord opened up a door for us to rent another building in the close vicinity of our previous location. It is also more reasonable that where we previously were, allowing us to save more money. We did not come up with enough money to buy a piece of property, but we have received a little more than $9,000.00 in special offerings. We have put this money in savings now, and will continue to pray and ask the Lord to provide the necessary funds to be able to purchase in the future.

There is an empty lot directly across the street from our new location, and while it is not on the market yet, I believe it would be ideal if we could purchase that, and then build according to the needs and future growth of the church. God could put it on the market when we need it to be, if it is His will. We will see what He is going to do.

I received an e-mail a few days ago from the missionary that is taking our place in Brazil, and he said that they had a good number in Sunday’s services, with first-time visitors in both services. Praise the Lord!

We greatly appreciate your interest in the ministry, and we would certainly appreciate your prayers. God bless!

February 2011 Newsletter

February 24, 2011

Dear Co-laborers in the ministry,

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5, 6
These verses are often quoted too quickly, and sometimes, even nonchalantly. The principles taught in these verses are forgotten because of mere familiarity. Do we really trust the Lord with ALL of our heart? Don’t we all too often lean on our own understanding? Do we acknowledge Him in ALL of our ways, allowing Him to direct our paths? I think most of us could be convicted from time to time after reading these verses. When all seems to be going well, WHAM!, we are hit with a difficult situation, and thankfully, we can run to the Lord in our time of need.
After six and a half years of renting a building for our church in Osasco, the owner has raised the rent to an outrageous price, causing us to have to relocate the church. For this reason, I (Dan) will be going to Brazil in March to try and decide where to relocate, and then sign the contract. It is our desire to be able to buy a piece of property, preferably with a building that we can utilize in which to hold services. As you know, the rent money that we have paid out for the last six and a half years is history, and that is the reason we would like to buy instead of rent.
While this has been sudden, the Lord was not taken by surprise. When we first heard of the rent going up, honestly, we were a bit discouraged. However, as we look to the Lord, we have been encouraged at the possibilities of buying a piece of property in the close proximity of our present location. We are excited about reaching some new people, and building up the church when we return to Brazil.
We have saved some money toward the purchase of a building, but what we currently have is not even enough for a down-payment. I have expressed our need to some pastors, and have even begun to receive money toward the purchase of property. While we are trusting the Lord to supply the needed funds, we would also like to give you the opportunity to get in on the action, possibly with a one-time special offering for us to be able to buy something. The owner of the building of our present location has given us until March 31 to be out of the building. Because of that, we are needing to do something quickly, hence, my upcoming trip to Brazil, March 17-28. We ask that you prayerfully consider this as a special missions project as we continue reaching more Brazilians in the city of Osasco with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please send your gift to BIMI, with a note marked “Dan Bennett – Property”.
From a human perspective, it will be a miracle for all this to be done in the eleven days that I will be there, but God is able! Please make this a matter of prayer as well, that all will be accomplished in a short period of time. When this happens, we will surely be able to say that God worked a miracle.
We are also thrilled about a young couple that is on deputation, John and Hannah Speights. Thay have 74% of their needed support and are planning on going to Brazil to help us in the work. We are excited about the Speights family teaming up with us for our next term. Please remember them in your prayers as they finish raising their support to get to Brazil before the end of the year.
We are so thankful for a new church in Texas that has recently begun to support us. We are also excited about some promised support from a church in Ohio, as well as a desire to begin supporting us soon from a church in the Chicago area. Please continue to pray with us that our support would continue to increase and that we could get back to Brazil as soon as possible.
I praise the Lord that we were able to spend time with my father in Trenton, GA, on his 80th birthday. He pastored for many years before his retirement, and has had a tremendous influence in my life. As long as I can remember, my dad has had a great love for missionaries. Giving honor, to whom honor is due, I honor my father, Rev. William (Bill) Edward Bennett.
Thank you so much for standing in the gap with us financially and prayerfully. We are…

Your representatives to Brazil,

Dan & Becky Bennett

December 2010 Prayer Letter

December 9, 2010

Dear Faithful Partners in the Ministry,

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:10, 11). We praise the Lord that the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, is for “all people.”

We have had a very busy schedule over the summer and fall months as we have traveled extensively. We have visited a number of our supporting churches, as well as being in some new churches. We praise the Lord for some new churches that have taken us on for monthly support.

In August, we traveled to Williamsburg, Ohio to help with a Vacation Bible School. We had a great time and we were able to see several children make professions of faith.  From there, we traveled to Illinois, then back to Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. We began the month of September in Virginia for the first two and a half weeks, and the last week of September was spent in St. Louis, MO, in a missions conference of one of our supporting churches.

October took us to another missions conference in South Carolina, just over an hour from our home church. On October 8th, we left South Carolina for a trip that would take us all the way to California. We had a rigorous schedule that took us through thirteen states while visiting a number of churches. While we had the privilege of seeing the Grand Canyon and many other sights, nothing compares to the joy of seeing two people accept Christ as their Saviour while we were in San Diego, CA. We had good meetings in Arizona, California, Texas and Alabama. We praise the Lord for one new church in Texas that immediately took us on for support while we were there. Please pray for us as other churches in Texas will be voting soon to take us on for support.

We are now back in South Carolina for the Christmas holidays, but will begin traveling again in January of 2011. Our schedule is filling up quickly, and I am trying to get into as many new churches as possible. Please keep us in your prayers as we need to raise some additional support. Thankfully, God has not been affected by the economic crisis, and we trust Him in regards to our support needs.

Our family is doing well and Christine is now seven months old and growing like a weed. We have been traveling together this summer and fall, but will be a little more stationary as the children continue in their studies. Rachel, having finished high school this past school year, has been a big help around the house.  She just recently celebrated her 20th birthday.  Joseph is a senior with A Beka Academy and is working hard to finish all the requirements for this year.  Nathan is in 10th grade and Anna is in 9th. Deborah, now seven years old, is in the 3rd grade, and Matthew, age five, is in Kindergarten. Please pray for our children as homeschooling on the road is difficult. Becky is doing fine and stays busy trying to keep up with the children and their schooling, as well as, our travels. Please remember our family in your prayers concerning our safety and well-being. We have stayed healthy this year except for a cold here or there. The Lord has certainly been good to us, for which we are thankful. He supplied every need and even some wants on our trip to California and back. Praise His name!

Thank you for the birthday and anniversary cards this year, as well as, the Christmas cards and special Christmas gifts that you have given sacrificially. We trust that God will bless each and every one of you this Christmas season. Remember that Jesus is not only the “reason for the season”, but also the reason for our ministry in Brazil. Merry Christmas!

Your missionaries to Brazil,

Dan & Becky Bennett