A Strong Foundation

A while back when my son, Nathan, was here, he and I went to go to help a friend do some work on his house that needed to be done. One thing we did was to break up the driveway entrance so that it could be replaced. Nearby was a large pine tree, and the roots had spread and grown under the driveway, and had broken the concrete. One thing that I noticed was that there was a rather large root that had made a deliberate turn when it reached the foundation of the house. It did not go under the house, but ran alongside the foundation. Thankfully, the person who built the house had the wisdom to build a strong foundation, so that even the roots from a nearby tree could not penetrate it and do damage to the house.

That made me think: It is very important to have a strong foundation on the Word of God, so that when the roots of secularism, humanism, materialism (and all those other “isms”) try to do their damage, the firm foundation with hold fast and true. They will run alongside the foundation, looking for a weak spot, so be sure that your foundation is complete, and deeply grounded. If you try to skimp, cut corners, taking shortcuts on something so important, and not build a secure foundation, the roots of destruction will find their way in, and do great damage.

My friend, your time with God, reading and studying the Bible, being in ALL the services of the church are vital to your spiritual foundation. If you cut out a little here and a little there, you are doing it to your own spiritual demise. Don’t cut corners with God. Build a strong, firm foundation on the Word of God, and then you’ll be able to withstand those attacks from those underlying forces. You’ll be glad that you did!