How is your “spiritual transmission?”

Yesterday I took my van to the shop for my transmission fluid and filter to be changed, along with some minor adjustments.  It had not been done in a long time because, honestly, I had not thought about it.  (Please, no one kick me in the seat of the pants, because I already did that to myself.)  Left unattended, it had become filthy, and also had caused us some problems.  I thought that it was something serious when we first noticed the problem, expecting it to be very costly.  Since we did not have the money to pay for the repair, the van was left sitting in the garage for over a month, unusable.

When I first took the van to the shop, the owner drove the van around, but it did not present any problem for the thirty minutes he drove it.  He recommended that the fluid and filter be changed, and he was the one that said that he could make some adjustments to make the van run more smoothly.  The next day, I took the van in and dropped it off.  After about three hours, he called me and said that my van was done.  When I arrived back at the shop, the guy that did the work met me out front.  I asked him how it was, and he said the fluid was black, but now the transmission is perfect.  I was able to drive it to church last Thursday night for Prayer Meeting, and all over São Paulo on Friday.  It is in good running condition, for which we praise the Lord!  For five weeks our van sat unused because the regularly scheduled maintenance was left undone.

Christian, you need to put on your daily calendar a time to do some spiritual “maintenance.”  If not, the filth and sludge will “clog up” and hinder your spiritual operation.  It will also leave you “sitting in the garage,” going nowhere, unused, and unusable.  This van of ours that was parked in the garage for five weeks not only affected me, but also my wife and children.  It also affected others that needed a ride to church, but because it was unusable, I could not pick up anyone.  A dirty life affects more than just you.

With clean transmission fluid, a new filter, and some minor adjustments, my van is now operating normally, and being useful.  It made a world of difference.

Christian friend, how is your spiritual “transmission”?