Prayer Letter – June 2023

Dear faithful partners in the ministry,

During the last week of March, we had our annual BIMI South America Field Conference. This is a special time as the missionaries get together for a time of fun, fellowship, and spiritual refreshment. Our guest speaker was Pastor Scott Crabtree from LifeSigns Deaf Baptist Church in New Albany, Ohio. Brother Crabtree’s wife, Tricia, spoke to the ladies, and this couple was a special blessing and encouragement to us all. We are honored to be part of a great group of missionaries that serve the Lord with BIMI in South America.

On April 19th, Dan was asked by a deaf lady to go and witness to her aunt that was dying with throat cancer. When Dan arrived, the lady was barely awake, so he quickly began to share the Gospel with her. Within minutes, the lady had closed her eyes, but Dan was not sure if she had gone to sleep, or not. Dan went through the whole Gospel presentation with two other family members standing nearby. This is a strong Catholic family, and many of the things Dan explained had never been heard by them before. Although no one made a profession of faith, the Gospel Seed was planted. Early the next morning, the lady with cancer passed away.

On April 22nd, Dan was asked by a Christian deaf lady to make a visit about two hours away with her mother that practices spiritism. This woman is in her 90’s, and all through her house are idols and statues of various “saints.” She was a nice lady, and happily showed us around as we talked. We finally went into the house to sit and talk. She listened to some of the things Dan said but was easily distracted by other things. After about 45 minutes of talking about Jesus being the only way of salvation, she abruptly said, “Enough!” She didn’t want to hear any more, so Dan paused the conversation. After a while, lunch was served, and the deaf lady urged Dan to start the conversation again. For another thirty minutes Dan went over the Gospel message, but this lady’s heart is very hard. She thanked us for going, and even invited us back again. Please pray for the salvation of Mrs. Tica, that the Holy Spirit would soften her heart to the Gospel, and that she would trust Jesus as her personal Savior before it’s too late.

We are thankful for some recent visitors we’ve had in church. One deaf lady had been having family problems and was living on the streets. She went missing, and one of our faithful deaf church members reached out to try and help this homeless woman. The missing woman was found, and was in church the following Sunday, along with two of her friends. Please pray for the salvation of Rosemeire (Rosemary).

Dan returned to the USA for the high school graduation of our son, Matthew. He is now in Kentucky working at the Creation Museum with two of his sisters. Please pray for him as he adjusts to these changes in his life.

Finally, thank you for being faithful to pray and give toward the work among the Deaf in Brazil.

                                                                                                                        That all may “hear,”                                                                                                                         Dan & Becky Bennett