People Need People

A popular Christian song was released in 1984 by Steve Green entitled, “People Need The Lord.”  As a Christian, there is no denial that people need the Lord.  However, that is not the gist of this article.  What I want to emphasize is something that is greatly needed in Christians today.  Please take the time to thoughtfully consider the following text.

People need people. Don’t tell me that you don’t need anyone. I don’t believe it. You may not want other people around because you’ve been hurt by someone, or maybe you just want to play your game or watch your movie uninterrupted, but the touch and fellowship of another person is necessary to the human spirit. Don’t be a loner or a hermit.  You’re special, and you’re valuable, and you have experience that can help someone else. If you’ve been hurt, I really am sorry, but it’s time to forgive and let it go. Don’t miss out on the rest of your life because something happened a long time ago that hurt you. Yes, people can do and say hurtful things, but other people can make you laugh and bring you joy.  Besides all that, you can make people laugh and bring them joy.

Don’t give the lame excuse by saying you’re an introvert.  You can discard that nonsense right now.  Most people who say they’re introverts are introverts by choice, because they’re afraid, or lazy, or selfish. Turn off the TV, get off your backside, and go out and have some fun with other people. Go bowling, or play mini-golf, or go have an ice cream or a cup of coffee with someone. Even if you don’t have any money, even a slow walk around a park with a friend would do you good. You need it, and they need it. Life was not meant to spend alone.

Friend, God has given you life, and He wants you to have an abundant life.  The abundant life is not for just a select few, but it’s for every child of God.  Don’t miss out on the life that God intended for you to have. Whether you believe it or not, there are people who need you.  Someone is waiting for you to call them. Muster up the courage, give them a call, and go out and enjoy life with someone else. Don’t believe the lie that no one would want to spend time with you. That’s just not true. Call a friend, or someone from your church. There’s a parent or grandparent who would absolutely love to sit and chat face to face with you. You can add joy and make special memories with someone else that may be alone. You don’t have to be alone, and you don’t need to be alone. Just decide that you’re going to be a friend and a blessing to someone today.  Now, make that call!