Are you willing to move?

Don’t be afraid of picking up your roots and following God’s leading to a new and different place.

God led Abraham to move, not even knowing to where he was going. God moved Joseph to Egypt, and only God knew the purpose of that at the time, but we all know now. For Moses, constant change was a way of life. Daniel was taken captive to Babylon, and we can read of how God used him in ways he never could have imagined. The Apostle Paul was a missionary, and he was constantly picking up his roots and heading off to a new place. And finally, the Lord Jesus Christ had eternally been at Home in Heaven when He left His “comfort zone”, said “I’ll be back” to His Father, and “moved” away from all that He had ever known.

Moving can be a scary thing, but it may be that God wants to use you in ways you never could imagine in a new and different place. If God doesn’t move you, then stay put. However, it may be that your “promised land” is waiting your arrival. Perhaps God wants to meet you on your “Mount Sinai.” He may lead you to, and miraculously deliver you from your “lion’s den” to show His power. Or, perhaps like Jesus, God may use your life in a faraway place to take the Light of the Gospel to someone who would never have a chance to hear the Good News had you not gone.

If God is leading you to move, then He must have something special in store for you. Only God knows what is over the next horizon, but you can rest assured that opportunity waits. Following God – whether to move or to stay – is always the best thing to do. We should all be willing to say “Here am I, Lord, send me,” and if He does send you, start packing your boxes and suitcases.

With the eager anticipation of a child at Christmas, trust God in His leading, and follow Him closely wherever the path may take you. I have never heard of a Christian that is right with God regret having followed His leading, but there are plenty that have regretted NOT following God’s call. Take Him by His mighty right hand, and as a child trusts his earthly father, you can trust the Heavenly Father.