Ministry Update

Below is an update from Sunday that Becky posted on Facebook. She and I spent two hours on Saturday with a couple doing some counselling. One young woman is coming over on Thursday, and then we have another couple needing some marriage counselling,which we have scheduled for this coming Saturday morning. A deaf lady that has recently started coming to the church told me on Sunday that she is getting spiritually fed. The Holy Spirit was at work on Sunday, but we are also seeing that the enemy is also at work. We are praying for 50 people in next Sunday’s services. A few people told me that they will not be in church next Sunday so that they can be with their dad for Father’s Day. However, I still believe that we can hit the “50” mark. Thanks for your prayers!
“Rejoicing in a good day yesterday as God is continuing to work in people’s lives. We had 45 yesterday and have several counselling sessions scheduled for this week. Baptismal/New Members class begins next week and next Sunday is Father’s Day here. Burdened to see our people strong and serving the Lord and faithful to Him in every area of their lives. Please pray that the Igreja Batista da Bíblia will make a difference in São Paulo for eternity.”