Ministry Update

Update from Dan Bennett:

I didn’t get around to writing an update last week due to an unexpected “activity”.  We had 48 in attendance last Sunday, and that’s a good number for us.  After we arrived home from church last Sunday night, Becky was getting supper ready, but Matthew was feeling a good bit of pain.  A little concerned, I decided to take him to the Emergency Room at the children’s hospital.  To make a long story short, he was admitted for two days.  He had an infection, and some inflamed lymph nodes which caused the pain, but he is now better.

Yesterday, our crowd was down a bit with just 38 people in attendance, but we did have one young deaf man visitor (Sergio), and also an elderly deaf lady (Maria) made a profession of faith.  This lady has been coming for a while, and yesterday she showed up for the Baptism and New Members class.  I showed a DVD entitled, “Good News for Deaf People” put out by Silent Word Ministries.  You could almost see “the light come on” as her understanding was opened in a very simple way.  She is very “low verbal”, but she seemed to understand as she watched Ronnie Rice on the DVD explain about sin, Jesus’ sacrifice, and salvation.  I asked Becky to take some time with her, and during the break in between services, Becky took her aside and was able to lead her to the Lord.  She came out of the room after she prayed to receive Christ very excited, and was anxious to tell me about what she did.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Dan Bennett family in São Paulo, Brazil.