Level of Difficulty or Level of Faith?

Today’s culture has the habit of measuring a task by the “level of difficulty” in which it is required to perform that task.  However, our obedience to the Lord should never be based upon “level of difficulty.”

We read of the heroes of the Faith in the Bible, and we learn of the difficult tasks that God performed because of their “level of faith” in Him.  The level of difficulty required to perform the task had nothing to do with their obedience, but their level of faith in God is what prompted them to do what they did.

When God calls you to perform a difficult task, He is looking at your level of faith in Him, not at the level of difficulty required in which to perform that task.

What is God calling you to do that seems terribly hard, or even impossible?  As far as God is concerned, the “level of difficulty” is irrelevant, for with God nothing is impossible!