In the California Gold Rush of 1848-1855, many people flocked to California in hopes of getting rich. Gold nuggets were found, but besides being not much to look at, they were not useful for anything in their raw state. However, each small nugget was a “precious” metal, and valuable to the one who owned it. The potential of what a gold nugget will become can make the value of that gold nugget increase.

When Jesus Christ saved you by His gace with His precious blood, you were like a gold nugget. God picked you up out of the filth of sin, cleaned you off, and you are of great value to Him. In your new-found faith, you were “raw,” and not very useful, but God saw in you the potential of becoming someone that He could use. You are precious and valuable.

As I read this morning in Second Chronicles chapter two about the various utensils that were made out of gold, silver, and brass for the Temple, a cunning craftsman was called upon to make these things because he was very good at working with precious metals. He knew how to transform a nugget of gold, and other raw materials, into something beautiful and useful.

As a Christian, don’t be satisfied with just being an expensive doorstop or shelf ornament of raw, unworked gold. Allow the Master Craftsman to put you through the fire, melt you and mold you, and you will become a beautiful, valuable, and useful instrument for the Lord’s work.