Don’t Multi-Task in the Prayer Closet

When I was growing up, a popular phrase was, “killing two birds with one stone.”  This was not referring to the actual death of two birds, but it meant getting two things done at the same time.  I’ve not heard that expression in a long time. 

In today’s fast-paced world, no one is satisfied with only doing two things at once because everyone is just too busy.  In the twenty-first century, people pride themselves of being able to “multi-task.”  I jokingly tell my adult kids that, when I have fifty tabs open on the browser of my laptop, I am multi-tasking.  In some cases, multi-tasking may be alright, but if someone is talking to you, and you’re scrolling on Facebook, it’s rude to not give that person your full attention. 

Sadly, it seems that “full attention” is a thing of the past.  Even Christians don’t give full attention to God when they pretend to have their devotions.  People have told me that they pray while driving to work, or they listen to the Bible being read as they race off to an appointment.  The purpose of the “prayer closet” is to have an uninterrupted and undistracted time alone with God.  Doesn’t God deserve your undivided attention?  Of course, He does!  There’s nothing wrong with praying while driving, and with the crazy drivers wherever you go, you need to pray while you’re driving.  I’m not against listening to the Bible in your car, or on your smartphone while you’re taking a walk.  That’s fine and good.  My concern is that so many Christians are multi-tasking when God doesn’t want you to multitask, but He wants you to give Him your full attention. 

Many Christians don’t even have a “quiet time” with the Lord anymore because their lives are too “noisy.”  Many are getting up before the sun does, and going to bed a little before midnight.  The problem is that you have not given God hardly any of your time, your love, devotion, worship, and praise.  Other than a sporadic prayer at the red lights, or having an audio Bible playing in the background as “white noise,” your time with the Lord is basically meaningless.  When you are just “going through the motions” with your relationship with the Lord, you’re missing out on the greatest relationship you could ever have.

I’m not against multi-tasking, but let me encourage you to start multi-tasking only AFTER you’ve given the Lord your full attention for more than five or ten minutes.  God has never neglected or forsaken you, so don’t take it for granted that you have the privilege of being able to spend time with God. 

If Christians would get back to the prayer closet and have a daily quiet time with the Lord, giving God their full attention, there’s a good probability that your day would be less chaotic and stressful since He will be at your side.