Building Altars and Offering Sacrifices

As I read in the Old Testament, it was work to build an altar.  It was not necessarily hard work, but it wasn’t easy, either.  It took time.  It took dedication.  There was a purpose in building an altar.  It was an integral and important part of worship.

Offering sacrifices was what came next after building an altar.  But the offering was not just ANY offering.  It had to be a pure, spotless, and perfect lamb.  It was separated from the rest of the flock to prepare it for the sacrifice.  It was the best, so it’s value was greater. 

At the appointed time, the perfect, spotless lamb was taken and killed.  It was bloody.  It was not pretty, but it was necessary. 

Thankfully, we don’t have to build altars and offer lambs as a sacrificial offering.  However, to many Christians, being a Christian requires very little, or even nothing.  Christians don’t have to work or spend time to build an altar.  In today’s Christianity, there’s little purpose, delinquent dedication, and waning worship.  Although a lamb is not required anymore, there just aren’t that many Christians that are making sacrifices for the sake of eternity. 

Instead of Christians giving their best, they give their leftovers.  There’s not much “preparation” in giving, nor is there very much “separation” from the world.  In fact, in many “Christian” homes, there’s not that big of a difference from the average non-Christian home.  That’s a shame and a disgrace in the eyes of God!

The Christian home needs to return to the days of the “altar” and “sacrifices.”  There needs to be a revival of the “family altar.”  The altar at the church needs to be re-visited, and often. 

When was the last time you really “sacrificed” to give to God?

May the days of altars and sacrifices come back again, and may it be soon!