May 1, 2011 Update

Thank you so much for your prayers for us, and for the church situation in Brazil. I went to Brazil in March, and the Lord opened up a door for us to rent another building in the close vicinity of our previous location. It is also more reasonable that where we previously were, allowing us to save more money. We did not come up with enough money to buy a piece of property, but we have received a little more than $9,000.00 in special offerings. We have put this money in savings now, and will continue to pray and ask the Lord to provide the necessary funds to be able to purchase in the future.

There is an empty lot directly across the street from our new location, and while it is not on the market yet, I believe it would be ideal if we could purchase that, and then build according to the needs and future growth of the church. God could put it on the market when we need it to be, if it is His will. We will see what He is going to do.

I received an e-mail a few days ago from the missionary that is taking our place in Brazil, and he said that they had a good number in Sunday’s services, with first-time visitors in both services. Praise the Lord!

We greatly appreciate your interest in the ministry, and we would certainly appreciate your prayers. God bless!